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About your Nutrition PA’s

About Josh

Josh was born with a blood disorder called sickle cell which is a genetic illness that effects the red blood cells. Sickle cell can cause excruciating pain within the body and also means that his bones were deteriorating at a very fast rate. By the time he was 23, he had been informed that he may even need a hip replacement before 30! Josh was regularly in hospital for pain and other complications related to his sickle cell and things came to head  when he was unable to attend his sons 2nds birthday party, it was at that moment that he knew that something had to change. He made the decision to study nutrition professionally and began to change his life through food. He says “What we eat has a direct connection to our overall quality of living, and I want to help as many people as possible live a pain free and healthier life”

About Ahisha

Ahisha is started her adult life as a professional dancer and actor. She has performed on many stages from London’s West End, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and, to Disneyland Paris where she graced the parades and shows as a Disney Princess. Her professional interest in heath began when she took on the role of carer to Josh, and saw first hand how much good nutrition can change a person's life.

Ahisha then followed in Josh, footsteps and went back to school to study nutrition. In January 2017, Ahisha’s, mother and former Mayor of Stevenage, Sherma Batson, MBE suddenly passed away. While Ahisha dealt with her grief, she followed her dream of writing her first book. ‘Diet Stops Monday’ is an easy to read book to help women lose weight and keep it off without dieting. Ahisha says “In my book and with my clients I openly share my knowledge of the diet industry, as well as my own personal experiences (as a self confessed cake addict) to help other women break free from dieting and finally achieve the success they deserve”



These guys are the best when it comes to helping you lose weight and keep  it off. Not only do they know their stuff, but they find a way to make it easy to understand. It is knowledge I can keep with me for life. Josh and Ahisha  are so friendly and professional - a real pleasure to work with! - Sophie Fleming , London

Thank you NPA! I started this program because I didnt feel well in my body. I wanted to change, be healthy, loose some weight, have more energy. At the beginning, it was hard to take care of everything, plan ahead, leave the foods that I used to eat etc. But after just a week and a half, I started to feel the difference. I felt lighter, energetic, happy and confident. My friends/colleagues even recognized that too which was very nice. Thank you Ahisha and Josh for the program, knowledge, support and everything. You changed my life. - Aniko Gondos, London

Diet Stops Monday’ is not only a book about weightloss that reveals the truth about dieting and why it so often works against us, but it is a book about self-discovery and raises awareness on so many levels about why we diet and why it doesn’t work” - Glynis Wozniak, Scotland