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Guilt-Free Tea and Biccies!!

If someone doesn’t like biscuits, can you really even trust them? NO!!!! Not if you’re British anyway!   We love a nice cuppa tea with a biccie don’t we?   Peter Kay has a great comedy sketch about biscuits and which ones are best for dipping…he voted for Hob Nobs… check him out here if…

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Healthy Waffles with Blueberry Sauce

Another guilt-free dessert recipe from us because we love you! Have you ever just REALLY fancied a sweet treat but don’t wanna ruin all your hard work? Well this is for you right here. Super tasty, all good for you ingredients – the whole family will love them.  So easy to make but the one thing you…

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Chocolate Protein Brownies

These tasty brownies are totally guiltfree so enjoy them as a sweet treat instead eating a chocolate bar or other cake. We have used Vivo Life protein powder because it is the cleanest and tastiest you will find. You may swap it out for another one you have at home but I highly recommend ordering yourself one…

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Rosemary Fries

Ingredients 1kg/2lbs of potatoes 3 tbsp coconut oil 4 large sprigs of rosemary pinch of cayenne pepper Method Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. In a shallow roasting pan, add 1 tbsp of the oil and place in the oven to heat up while you prepare the potatoes Cut potatoes into chunky chips/sticks Pour the…

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Egg Soldiers

A much healthier way to enjoy your eggs Ingredients 1 soft-boiled egg 5 spears of steamed asparagus OR steamed green beans Method Cut the soft-boiled egg in half and serve with the steamed asparagus or green beans for dipping.

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Cruncy Peach Pots

For breakfast or an anytime snack. (Vegan option included) Ingredients 1 peach peeled and cut into bite-sized chunks 150g pot Greek Yoghurt ( or coconut yoghurt for vegan option) 2 tbsp puffed/popped quinoa 1 tsp honey (replace with maple syrup for vegan option) 1 tablespoon mixed nuts (optional) Method In a short glass layer the…

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