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Diet Starts Stops Monday

“This is a brilliant book about weightloss, which reveals the truth about dieting and why it so often works against us. Also, it is a book about self-discovery, which raises awareness on many levels.”

- Glynis Wozniak, Professional Performer

What if you didn’t have to skip meals and go hungry to lose weight?
What if eating more food was the key to losing weight?
What if you never had to diet again?

If you have tried it all before:

every diet;

every shake;

and every trick in the trade

and nothing has worked in the long term for you…

it is time to switch it up and change your approach.

This book reveals the truth so you can finally get the results you want.

If you are sick and tired of dieting and instead of being unhappy, frustrated and feeling guilty you want to feel empowered by your food choices, then you can do exactly that because the diet stops on Monday!
It is possible to have your cake and eat it. It is possible to lose weight without calorie counting and cutting meals. This book shows you how.
You are enough as you are, right now, to do it.
You have everything it takes within you to have the success you want.
This book will show you why it isn’t your fault that diets don’t work. It identifies the reasons why you aren’t losing weight and how you can overcome them.

It gives you a 6 Step Success Formula and more than 20 tasty recipes to get you kick started.

Everything you need is right here!